Yamaha Compact Electric Superbike PES1 Unveiled

The future of motorcycles.

Looking into the future, Yamaha unveiled a compact electric sport bike, the PES1. The bike was wrapped off at the Tokyo Motor Show. Marking the bike as a pure urban transporter, Yamaha has executed things very well to make the PES1 a next generation motorcycle.

The PES1 comes with an electric brushless DC smart Power Module motor powered by a set of removable Lithium-ion batteries. The electric motor is coupled with automatic gear transmission which can also be used as manual transmission.

Yamaha PES1

According to Yamaha the PES1 is the future of motorcycles. We had also reported about the unveiling of Kawasaki's electric bike concept, the J.

Yamaha PES1

“The PES1 electric motorcycle offers both environmental friendliness and sporty performance that conveys Yamaha’s passion for riding. It off ers great drivability and maneuverability sure to please any motorcycle fan thanks to its lightweight design and motor torque control,” said Yamaha.

Yamaha PES1

“Slip out on weekend mornings, without waking the family, for a private hour of communion with your electric ride. Eminently quiet motor is guaranteed to deliver you from the din of your everyday life. Future of electric sports bikes is fast approaching,” added the firm.

Yamaha PES1

The bike weighs less than 100kg only.

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