Isle of Man TT: The most Dangerous Motorsport Event on the Earth

Precisely 234 deaths in the past 104 years.

61-km track on public road, over 200 corners to be covered and top speed of 330 kmph. You may think that you're been to a video game. There is absolutely no room for error. Because this is the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world. There is no speed limit. You can take you two-wheeled machine to as much as faster you can reach. This is something else. Something beyond the race track and perhaps a country ride.

Isle of Man TT

Riders come here and compete. Not for money, but for glory of motorcycling, because for many racing is their life and passion. Maniacs, this is the greatest motorsport event in the world.

Once you watch this video, you can realize how fast the machines are. They goes like a bullet and hardly allows cameras to snap their pics. In the past 104 years, to be exactly 234 riders have died. There is no surprise, because this is that dangerous.

So guys watch this the most exciting and stunning race event you can experience in your life. After watching this clip I have already become a fan of TT Isle of Man. What about you?

Between Ireland and Great Britain, near to the Irish sea, stays the race track of TT Isle of Man. The TT stands for Tourist Trophy. The ones who come for riding their machine know very well that this track is very fast and danger. But they love sport and racing. They want to live for it. They believe in dying for their sport leaving behind their family and beloved ones.

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