Introducing The All New Alcoho-lock

The alcoho-lock is a gadget that aims to reduce the risk of alcohol related bicycle incidents

Yes, you read that right, it is a lock. But not just any ordinary lock, this new gadget is based on how much you've wasted yourself. The Alcoho-lock, however hard it may seem to read, is a lock that has been designed by a Japanese cycling store – Koowho, that aims to reduce alcohol related incidents that occurs to bicyclists.

Alcoho Lock

This lock has been an innovative step towards combating the effects of alcohol in a person's bloodstream, a good amount of which could send the nervous system to an overnight party. The lock comes loaded with a breath analyzer, which sends results to a smartphone app. The smartphone app has been cleverly designed as well, it accesses your contact list and sends information to the nearest friends in case you need help after you've downed a few in pride. However, the lock, the usual lock that is used to prevent theft, may turn against you. It's unclear whether the lock can unlock itself after breathing into it even if you've had just one – it might as well unlock, we don't know yet. But the bigger picture lies in how much can be developed with such creative innovative ideas. Although the Alcoho-lock has a long way to go, it definitely packs a lot of potential to diversify itself to other platforms and introduce itself as a user-friendly and flexible gadget/tool.

Alcoho Lock App

It might not seem like a good idea for a cyclist to buy it already, especially when you have to think of blowing into your lock each time. Yes, that might seem awkward. Besides, the gadget has been given a price tag of almost $250 USD.

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