KTM Adventure 1190 R Review

The World's Safest Motorcycle the new Adventure 1190 R

KTM finally releases the 1190 Adventure R tagged as the “World's Safest Motorcycle”. The twin cylinder machine with the best and greatest offroad capability. The company claims the bike to be the perfect adventure sports bike in its class both in terms of performance and safety. Whatever the type of surface its being taken, it gives the rider the perfect riding experience without any trouble. Adventure is never a question for the 1190 R from KTM when it is pre loaded with a number of innovations both in designing and technology. Advanced motor sports segment bikes usually comes with power pact components but lacks few elements here and there. The Adventure 1190 R comes with an answer for all those troubles.

The beast is loaded with a massive 2 cylinder, 4-stroke, Spark Ignition engine. The liquid cooled engine produces an output of around 1195.00cc. Maximum power output from this bike goes upto 110KW (148hp). The 6-speed claw shifted transmission system is capable of taking the bike to higher level of performance. Rave count is maximised through the six speed gear box, the machine can reach maximum speed limit at a very short time. Lubrication systems always remain as a question in terms of adventure sports bikes, the 1190 Adventure R comes with a Forced oil lubrication system with three rotor pumps which helps to maintain the lubrication system in the vehicle even at high altitude of terrain surfaces. The liquid cooling system is a continous circulation of cooling liquid with a water pump. A contactless, controlled and fully electronic ignition system with digital ignition timing adjustment is installed in the KTM 1190 Adventure R super sports adventure series of bike.

KTM 1190 Adventure R

Chassis and Suspension
The frame of the bike is made out of chrome molybdenum steel with a tubular space and powder coated material. The hard coated metal body ensures durability of the machine under any hard surfaces its been taken. The suspension system of the bike comes with a front 220mm WP Upside Down suspension and a rear 220mm WP Monoshock suspension which allows the bike to continue the pursuit through any degree of rough roads.

KTM 1190 Adventure R

Tyres and Brakes
For a tough bike which is completely dedicated to deliver high performance adventure to its riders an equalant and effective safety system is also an essential element. A front braking system combines with 2 x Brembo radially mounted four-piston brake calipers. Whereas on the other hand, the rear braking system is equipped with Brembo fixed mounted two-piston brake calipers. A Bosch 9ME Combined ABS system is used in the bike as controlled braking system. The Bosch system smoothly applies the amount of braking it calculates the tyres can handle, this brings the riders to a safe top without having to stand the bike up. The brake discs vary in size from front to that of the rear. A 320mm front and 267mm rear disc brakes are loaded on to the Adventure 1190 R's wheels.

KTM Adventure R 1190

Design and Styling
The KTM 1190 Adventure R is a combination of design and power pact performance. With a stunning design and looks, the bike catches millions of hearts at the same time. The bike itself is a show stopper among other of its kind bikes. A typical look of the adventure type bike can bee well noticed in the Adventure R 1190 from KTM. Yet it stands out distinct design features like the KTM trade mark Orange chassis and the mix of few colour elements. KTMs three tone colouring system adds on extra stunning appeal to the overall look of the bike. A mix of orange, white and black is a brand colour code which makes the bike way different in looks compared to other bikes in its class. A free flow design right from the front till the rear is an exceptional design feature which is not much seen in the adventure class sports bikes. The aerodynamic design of the bike makes it quick through the hard surfaces no matter how maximum the rave rate is. A typical triangular design element is added on to the bike which establishes the edgy look of the bike.

The KTM 1190 Adventure R sports adventure bike is available in a two different three tone colour combinations.
* Black with orange-white
* White with orange-black

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