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Feline One
Feline One Specifications
Category Motorcycle
Engine Capacity 801.00 cc
Engine Type 3-cylinder
Max Power 170bhp
Transmission 6-speed gearbox
Frame Titanium, carbon fiber and aerospace aluminium
Brake: Front 4-discs Ø 230 mm, with 4-pistons calipers
Brake: Back Single disc Ø 220 mm
Suspension: Front Double swingarm carbon fiber shock with spring fiber
Suspension: Back Swingarm carbon fibers and single damper spring with fiber
Tyre: Front 120/70 – ZR 17
Tyre: Back 200/50 – ZR 17
Wheelbase 1400 mm
Height 805 mm
Weight 155 kg

One User Reviews
Is this available for purchase? Or is it just a concept bike?
By on 11-11-2019
What is the price of this motorcycle?
By on 12-02-2015
Dis s a superb bike. but too expensive...I don't think this one would click in India
By on 12-02-2015
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