Kawasaki Unveiled J Concept, the Future of Motorcycle

The J is trike motorcycle powered by electric powerhouse.

Kawasaki has unveiled the future of motorcycling by debuting the ā€œJā€ Concept, at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show. The J is a three-wheeler electric vehicle motorcycle that returns zero emission.

Painted in Kawasaki's hallmark green shade with white and black graphics, the motorcycle points to the future of motorcycle industry.

Kawasaki J Concept

Being an electrically powered machine, the J is hearted with battery management technology and GIGACELL high-capacity nickel-metal hydride battery.

Kawasaki J Concept

The design itself is the beauty of the J. Does it look like Yamaha Tesseract? Can't exactly say no! Because, there are few similarities in the prototype.

Kawasaki J Concept

The highlight of the J Concept is its switchable seating positions namely Sport Mode and Comfort Mode. Sport Mode is with a low-slung riding positions which enables fast driving even at corners, while the Comfort Mode is with a higher stance with a widened handle with more relaxed position.

Kawasaki J Concept

It's neither a steering wheel nor a handlebar to control the machine, but two levers fixed on a couple of bars mounted from the front wheels.

Kawasaki J Concept

It may require special license for the riders to ride the J.

Kawasaki J Concept

The J is expected to come out of the concept to the production stage. But, it will certainly take a long time. May be by or after 2015 we may able to witness the future of motorcycle industry.

Kawasaki J Concept
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